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HKIMT Chairman's Report for 2015-2016 session at the AGM on 28 April 2016 l

2016 MARINA Vol. 4

2016 Annual Ball Photo Gallery

2017 HKIMT Annual General Meeting Notice - 25 April 2017 (Tuesday) at the Conference Room !, 24/F Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central Hong Kong commencing 18:30 Hrs.


2017 Technical Visit in Guangzhou - Afai Southern Shipyard & Friendly Soccer Game with GDSNAME gather outside departure gate No.5 at Guangzhou East Railway Station , Guangzhou at 9:30 a.m. on 15 April


2017 Technical Visit Yuangyang Ropes Manufacturing Factory in Xinhui on 22 April 09:30 Hrs. - Gathering at Shenzhen Bay Control Point


2017 Technical Visit to Fire & Ambulance Services Education Centre cum Museum on 13 May (Saturday). Assembly 09:00 m.. at Exit A of LOHAS Park Station in Tseung Kwan O.


Call for Papers 2017- In Memory of GNSNAME 60 Years Anniversary (纪念广东造船工程学会成立六十周年征文启示),
Theme: Innovation Drive, Green Development (创新驱动 绿色发展: 主题涵盖船舶及海洋工程装备制造业的科研开发、设计建造工法、智能制造、绿色环保技术发展、行业发展前景展望以及管理创新和学会发展历程回顾等方面. 科技论文不在本次征文范围)。
Deadline for Paper Submission : 15 Nov. 2017
Interested Person: please send your paper to Guangdong Shipbuilding Editor’s Email: (有适合主题的作者请将稿件投至《广东造船》编辑部邮箱

Important Notice : Commencing from next MARINA issue Vol. 1 of March, 2017, it will be distributed electronically through e-mail. Therefore, members of HKJB (IMarEST & RINA) and HKIMT are invited to take note of this important change and acted immediately by sending in your updated E-mail address to the Honorary Secretary of HKJB and HKIMT respectively so that you can receive the next MARINA on time.

Honorary Secretary of HKJB Mr. Leslie Y.K. Lee Email: Honorary Secretary of HKIMT Dr. K.S. Fung Email:




7th PAAMES 2ND ISC Meeting

13 – 14 Oct. 2016 - Hong Kong
7th PAAMES/AMEC 2016